Vreelin Consulting Services

Vreelin is an Altera partner.

Vreelin is a Xilinx partner.

Vreelin is an Apple MFI development partner

Having trouble with your embedded system development? We will get your product up.

Having trouble with a Zynq project? Vreelin is rapidly becoming an expert on Zynq development. As a big bonus, we do both software AND hardware. We speak C/C++ and Verilog.  We know the Xilinx tool chain and Eclipse. And if it works, we will become experts on the new trained CNN to fabric tools. And if you are having USB problems, we are experts on all things USB.

Vreelin has been developing embedded systems, systems software, and device drivers for various O/S’s  for 22 years.

From system design, to board bring up, to firmware, to device drivers for all major O/S’s and many RTOS’s, and of course, anything involving USB, Vreelin can do the work independently, or assist  you with your project including debugging problems. We have a secure, fully equipped facility in Sunnyvale where we work and you can come and work with us. We also make house calls.

Pricing depends on the project and duration. Vreelin will quote both hourly and fixed price as required.


For more information, please contact sales@vreelin.com or call 650-861-0747.