USB Type C

USB Type C is a new interface connector for USB. Like the Apple Lightning connector, USB Type C can be plugged in without regard to orientation.  Unlike the Apple Lightning connector, which is limited to USB High-Speed at 480MBS, USB Type C runs USB all the way through 10GBPS Super-Speed.  In addition, USB Type C includes advanced power charging up to 100 watts.

Unfortunately, beyond the basic USB 2 functionality present in the center four pins, the implementation of USB Type C can get confusing and complicated. For example, instead of 10GBS Super-Speed, you can substitute display port or other interfaces on the same pins. These pins are shown below as A2, A3, A10, A11, B2, B3, B10,  and B11.  The  functionality of these pin is negotiated using a yet another protocol between the host and the device. This interface is on CC1 and CC2 as shown below. This, of course, requires another software stack on the host and the device.



The following is a block diagram of a typical USB Type C connection showing the various components.


So, they replaced serial and parallel ports with this?

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