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Vreelin offers custom design services on a case by case basis. We are system design experts including FPGA’s, USB,  device drivers, and embedded firmware development.

Vreelin is an Altera partner.

Vreelin is a Xilinx partner.

Vreelin is an Apple MFI development partner

Phil Tharp


Phil has a proven track record in complex systems, including all aspects of design, debug,  and modifications from rapid identification, prototyping and final solutions.  His expertise includes:
  • Expert FPGA designer in Verilog and System C
  • Extensive knowledge of Xilinx and Altera/Intel tool chains
  • 35+ years experience writing device drivers and systems software for various O/S’s and RTOS’s
  • Industry expert in Universal Serial Bus – all aspects
  • Proven ability to design, debug, and modify complex systems
  • BIOS extension ROM design and debug
  • Drone development, debug and analysis including autopilot, sensors, and vibration analysis.
  • Automotive infotainment systems including CarPlay*
  • Apple MiFi developer
Phil’s recent projects include the Vtrack vibration analyzer for drone development,  the Car Play Bridge, and the USB Explorer Board. In 2014, Phil was a founder of Fly By Night Systems, a test equipment company  for drone development. In 2009, Phil was a founder and the CTO of Adapt IP Inc, a company focused on developing IP in System C using Forte Cynthesizer. He has overall software and hardware solution expertise for Xilinx and Altera FPGA’s. He conceived, designed, and developed USB 2 High-Speed device and host cores for Xilinx EDK and Altera NIOS. His USB cores are smaller and faster than any other USB cores in the market space. He perfected the HDL coding methodology to produce highly compact FPGA designs. His USB device core is USB logo certified for both Xilinx’s and Altera’s FPGA’s.
Phil wrote the X Windows driver for the Intel Blit Express graphics card.
Phil ported the OS9 operating system from the 6809 micro to the 68000 in assembly language teaching Phil more about operating systems than he ever intended to find out. Phil learned that the core of all operating systems is the same, saving and restoring state, moving process descriptors from one queue to another, and handling interrupts and other exceptions.
Phil is one of the porters of the Unix System V kernel to the Intel X86 and X860 microprocessors.
Phil was the co-architect and software lead of the OISD communications system at Kennedy Space Center, the first all digital operational communications system in the world.

Lin Chao

Incubator Director


Lin Chao is an accomplished engineering professional who specializes in aligning the complex intersections of engineering and business capabilities. Her ability to drive the incubation of new ideas, build proof-of-concept prototypes, and lead the rapid deployment of a range of solutions has been the hallmark of her 20+ year career in the Silicon Valley and high-tech industry.
An accomplished, results-driven professional with expertise in marketing, path finding, program management, product management, business development and ecosystem enablement, Lin’s strengths include exceptionally strong stakeholder management skills and the ability to build relationships through an extended network of contacts and industry leaders.
Lin has built an impressive track record of accomplishments and experience with Intel Corporation working on advanced new technologies including Intel* processors, algorithmic video compression, UNIX system ecosystem and advanced research from technology readiness to products. In 2011 Lin advanced to the role of Marketing Director for Intel’s subsidiary Intel Federal LLC where she facilitated marketing and new business development programs with the U.S. Federal Government and in partnership with Intel’s Federal Sales Force. In 2015 Lin joined Vreelin Engineering where her expertise and diverse background will be utilized for the incubation of new product ideas. Her ability to understand complex technologies and solve business problems is enhanced by her “connect the dots” capabilities.
Lin received her electrical engineering degrees from MIT and Stony Brook and MBA from the University of Chicago.

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