Welcome To Vreelin Engineering

Our Mission

Vreelin Engineering creates custom systems to meet your product needs. We traverse both the hardware and software domains as needed to solve your real world problems. We design FPGA’s, design boards, write firmware for micro controllers, interface to sensors and the outside world, write device drivers for any O/S or RTOS, and design anything to do with USB.

In the USB space, Vreelin utilizes our FPGA expertise to implement custom USB interfaces, bridges, hubs, and USB intercept/stream modification to implement your unique requirements.

Our Latest Products and Services

USB Over RF Link ASIC:

Built a High-Speed USB Link that transports over an RF Link with minimum latency and no Hubs. System is transparent to the USB Host and Device.

USB Explorer Development Board:

Containing six state of the art Microchip ULPI PHY’s with common clocking, automotive grade power supplies, and an Artix 100 FPGA, this board allows experimentation and development of custom USB solutions using Vreelin USB IP.  Specialized implementations such as USB bridging, USB intercept, and Apple Car Play interfaces that meet your needs are just some of the possibilities.

Vtrack Vibration Analyzer:

Allows a drone designer or user to analyze mechanical vibrations in a drone that can alias into the control loop of the drone’s auto-pilot or camera stabilization systems and result in unstable drone flight or camera pointing and stabilization.  Vtrack can be mounted in various ways including clipped onto a multi-copter’s booms and both records and sends vibration data over Bluetooth to a user’s laptop.

Car Play Bridge:

A Vreelin designed, FPGA based, USB 2.0 Hub that satisfies the protocol requirements of Apple’s Car Play specification and allows an iPhone or iPad to enter Car Play mode without having a dedicated USB lane back to the infotainment system. In addition, the infotainment systems remains in control of the USB tree and the Apple Car Play device appears on the tree as a USB device and does not take control of the USB as a host.